When you first make an appointment to see me you will be sent a comprehensive health questionnaire. This can be filled out online and emailed back to me before your appointment so there is no need to print anything out.

An initial food and nutrition therapy consultation lasts about 1 ½ hours during which time we will go through your health questionnaire, filling in any gaps and ensuring that a complete health history has been taken. Depending on your reason for visiting and any issues that the health history may have thrown up, I will explain where I believe the sources of your imbalances lie and what recommendations may help. I am a qualified nutritional therapist and take a personalised approach.

Whilst I believe that food should be the first step in leading to and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, supplementation is often required to promote optimal gene expression and to help bring the body back to its peak state of health. Much of our food today has lost much of its nutrient status – it is estimated that North America has experienced a soil mineral depletion of 85% since the 1950’s due to the intensive farming techniques required to feed our rapidly expanding population.

Biochemical and functional testing is also a useful tool, not only for pinpointing quickly and effectively where certain imbalances may lie but also as a means of monitoring progress once a nutritional programme has been in place for a certain amount of time.

Follow up consultations normally last ½ an hour and are usually arranged 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation and thereafter as required.

As nutritional therapy is a complementary approach it is used alongside any conventional medical advice or programme you may be following. It is never used to replace medical advice you may be receiving from your medical practitioner – on the contrary, you are encouraged to remain in contact with your doctor whilst seeing a nutritional therapist. Neither will you be given any advice on medications you may already be taking or are advised to take whilst undertaking your nutritional programme – any changes you may wish to implement in medications must be discussed with your doctor.

Please contact me to discuss fees.